Rebuilding Wilhelm: Part 4

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When we left off, I had the linear rails holding the bed firmly in place and all of the mechanical parts where they should to be. The next step is to wire up the electronics.

Honestly, the hard part is the cabling to the extruder, and most of that wiring was still perfectly fine from the last time I had Wilhelm set up. The only real problem I encountered while wiring up was that the Z motors are on the top of Wilhelm now, which doesn’t leave much play in the wires I have.

I ran all of the tests on the motors and heating system, and I had a couple of the motors running in reverse, which was a very easy fix. Everything was working well enough to print, so I went for broke and printed a high-resolution model of a skull.

It worked after two tries! The secret ingredient turned out to be painter’s tape and lots of manual bed leveling, since my BLTouch wasn’t working yet.

I could tell that there is still plenty of improvement to be made, but with my skull in hand, I wrapped for the night.

Tune in Tuesdays for more Rebuilding Wilhelm!

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