Rebuilding Wilhelm: Part 3

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Once the linear rails arrived, I was excited to get them mounted to Wilhelm. I drilled new holes into the cookie sheet that I use for a build plate carrier. That poor piece of aluminum is starting to look more like Swiss cheese! I learned last time that mounting the linear motion system closer to centerline actually made the build platform less rigid, so I mounted the linear rail carriages much closer to the edge of the carrier plate.

Next, I needed mounts to hold the linear rails. A few minutes in Fusion 360 later, I had the design ready to print. They came out looking beautiful on our Ultimaker s5!

Silver PLA looks so nice.

I also needed new endstop holders to fit the linear rail, so after some trial and error I modeled those up too!

More smooth PLA goodness.

Having replaced every other piece of mounting hardware, I turned my eye to the belt idler tensioner. My old design had some springiness to it that was making the build plate bounce along the Y axis. So I designed a new custom idler with no tensioning mechanism. I wanted this idler to be rock solid.

This might be overkill…

With all the new mounting hardware complete, I finally assembled my Y axis. It didn’t need much adjustment before it was gliding smoothly, with almost no flex at all!

With the linear motion systems installed, the electronics and wiring are my next task.

Read about it next time on Rebuilding Wilhelm part 4!

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