Black Knight Ultra Greatsword: Part 2

Before I began the bonding process I wanted to make sure that everything was going fit together. I mocked up the entire sword with painters tape and an aluminum rod I had kicking around in the scrap pile. All of the pieces matched up nicely with their twins and neighbors. The mock up was sturdy enough to hold and gently handle. I couldn’t help my self. I had to feel the power of BKUGS even if it was in a flimsy state. It was totally worth it FYI.

After harnessing some of BKUGS power I was ready to begin the bonding process. I performed a couple tests with different types of glue and decided super glue was my bonding agent of choice.

I took the first two pieces off of the mock up and applied super glue to the vertical mating surface on one of the pieces. I then took its matching piece, lined up the mating surfaces and edges, then squished and held them together until they were bonded.

I removed the next two pieces from the top of the mock up, double checked their alignment, then glued them together on the vertical mating surface. I performed this process for all of the pieces except the four that make up the handle. The handle pieces had a couple of first layer adhesion defects so I decided to assemble the four pieces that make up the handle last. If they were assembled first then the hole for the center support would be smaller at the handle than the rest of the sword.

It was now time to make three mega pieces of the sword by bonding three of the ultra pieces together. The hilt was placed on my work bench with the larger horizontal mating surface facing up. I applied my glue to the surface, held the neighboring ultra piece over the hilt and squished them together. I repeated this process until the mega pieces were formed.

With most of the small pieces bonded together things are really shaping up. The excitement is reaching critical levels as this project comes together. Now for a trip to the hardware store to pick a couple of things for BKUGS. Stay tuned for the latest and greatest news on our projects and products.

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