Black Knight Ultra Greatsword: Part 1

Hey everyone! This is Amo, the Creative Director here at DragonTech 3D. After starting my adventure in the 3D printing world I knew it was only a matter of time before I created my first cosplay item. I am a (primarily) PC gamer and a huge fan of the Dark Souls series. I would endlessly tell the guys here how terribly hard the game series is. I had an especially difficult time learning how to defeat the Black Knights. With their incredible reach, lightning fast reflexes, speed on par with stock car racing, and of course their awesome sword they proved to be more difficult to defeat than the first couple of bosses in the game. No matter how many times I started over or leveled up, the knights would always deliver a superior whooping to my characters ass. To honor the thousand hours of (eventual) enjoyment that I received from the series I decided to print a full sized Black Knight Ultra Greatsword.

I started printing the pieces of the sword two at a time. All of the prints took between 7 and 24 hours to complete. I would start the prints during the day time and they would run through the night. With the help of remote access and a web cam I was able log in during the night and keep and eye on the prints.

There are 11 pieces that all needed to be printed twice in order to recreate the sword. This makes a total of 24 pieces with a combined weight of 1.5 KG of plastic. In order to reduce the amount of plastic used for this piece I turned the infill density down a bit. It took almost a week to print all of the pieces.

After the grueling wait for the pieces to finish printing I started cutting away the brim and cleaning up the pieces individually. The half circle in all 24 pieces had some strings of plastic that needed to be removed. Once the extra plastic was removed it was time to prepare the pieces for the gluing/bonding process.

I picked up some 220 grit sandpaper and sanded all of the mating surfaces. I then sanded down the half circle in each piece to help ensure a quality bond between the wooden dowel that will be inserted into the center of the sword and the plastic pieces. I also found the edge and points of the sword to be a bit sharp for my liking. In the name of safety and carrying the sword around with the edge resting on my shoulder I decided to sand down said edge and points. After breaking the swords edge and points I cleaned the mating surfaces with glass cleaner to ensure the best bond possible. Thank you all for reading my first ever blog post and come back next week for part 2 of building BKUGS.

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